Unable to login

  1. Been playing OR for the last 1 month… I last logged in a few hours ago… Now when I’m opening the app, its stuck on connecting and I’m afraid of reinstalling the app cause you know… All the progress

  2. Been using Android v5.4.1

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The reason might be u having slow internet speed. Check it once and try again.

You can try uninstalling and installing it again if internet speed is not the issue. I have uninstalled and installed it many times and the previous data is still intact.


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@CaptainMorgan I got this problem recently at time from 8 - 10 AM, 14 - 16 PM, 20-22 PM, I couldn’t log in game, it just show "connecting " but no way to log in… I check internet is still working normally…speed over 80 mpbs, ping is good <8ms. Youtube or anything work well except this game
I’m from vietnam GMT +7

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Same here! I couldn’t log in game even my internet is normal, and it happen exactly at 8:00 to 10:00 AM, 14:00 to 16:00 PM, 20:00PM to 22:00PM, it happened a week and still happening , so frustrating.