Unable to mute 1 category

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have tried to mute the “Alliances, Recruitment & friend codes”.

So why is this category still showing up in my main page?
All other categories are being muted successfuly, but not this one in particular.

What’s so wrong with Beeng Luxx showing up in your main page?..

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Yes, it could be you have read a topic before, which then automatically was changed to normal so that it will still show. You can then manually put it on silence, like Rebecca suggested.
For all new topics it should not happen though.

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How can i find that topic so I can mute it?

Isn’t it in your screenshot? I am not sure I understood your point correctly now.
Is it bothering you that the subcategory is still showing up on the front categories page (left circle on your screenshot) or that topics from that category are still being shown (right circle on your screenshot). I think I answered for the right circle mostly.

My screenshot highlights that both the category AND topics from that category are still showing in my main page, even though i muted that category a long time ago.

I have never opened that specific topic (Beeng Luxxx)

There’s 2 now.

Have you muted both of those topics already? I wanna know once those two are muted if the subcategory still shows up on the left side.

I just muted both of those topics.
They still show up in the main page.

The weird thing is that this muting bug (?) only happens with that category.

I tried muting that category this way now as well. Doesn’t make any difference.
The category + topics still show up in my main page.

Thanks for reporting, I will contact the forum provider and ask about it.

Hi Arrebimba!

The provider looked into it. This was happening because there were topics in the subcategory that were set to “normal” instead of “muted” because you participated in those discussions before the subcategory was muted.
Your posts on those topics were deleted by the provider and then the topic muted. This should resolve the issue. The posts were irrelevant for the topic, so should be fine.:slight_smile:

Additionally and FYI, the forum only filters topics from “latest topics”, but not for featured topics in the category page. (This is our setting).
A featured topic is: The last (n) topics with latest replies.

Hope this sorts it all out now :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into this!

So why is this still happening ?

And yea, feel free to delete all my posts from that sub and mute them. It’s fine by me.

If a whole subcategory is muted in the account settings, shouldn’t it vanish from the main page regarless if there are some topics being watched? Is this a bug or intended behaviour ?

This is what I have described here. :wink:

Additionally, I think that since you have not filtered the main category the subcategory is in, it still shows up as in contrast to Olympus Rising.