Unable to sell items

Just a quick question in regards to why I’m unable to not have the option to sell older Titan items. I see it gives me the option to forge the item, but why would I want to do that when it has a weak or outdated starting point.

if I am able to sell a worthless BLESSED item for gold, then sure,y an outdated Titan item would be worth something … or at the very least have the option to completely discard and freeing up spaces in my inventory 



Check the hero’s sets, it might still be equipped to him/Her

it’s not bud! I’ve checked

i have a few that for some unknown reason can only forge

Neptune, you’re a star! Completely ignored the fact that it was associated to one of the hero sets.

unequipped … all good!


thanks champ

Well now with 3 sets we have to do it this way :slight_smile:  glad to help, cheers

Few items are not showing sell option and are also not shown during forging. They are only occupying inventory slots. Please solve this problem.

You can´t sell equiped equip.

Unequip the item from the 3 slots then you can sell it

I also can’t sell equipment ?

I have unequipped items I can’t use to forge.

Check slot 2 and 3, it is still equipped 

tem que desequipar nos 3 slots para vender

You have to unequip it from all 3 item sets.

And you also shouldn’t sell 5 star titans! 

Hi ! following this topic. But have some unequip item I cant sell or forge. Why ?

read above

Hello-I am unable to sell old unwanted items. I am almost full and starting not wanting to sell as much. Please help. Yes they are not activated by the way. 

Read above, remove the item from the 3 sets of the hero, if it is a ring, remove it from all heroes and their sets.

It’s unequipped 

You have to do it for sets I, II and III.