Unable to start a new game

Guys hi,

I’m new to this game. My son created an account via windows store and he is no longer interested in playing. When I try and reset the data in the app, or even log in with a new account, it keeps loading his data and saved game … is there any way I can get around this to start my own game

assistance would be appreciated

bit of a novice

@joker55 Accounts are tied to the Windows account you are signed into. If you contact support they should be able to help you with this:


@joker55 on PC the save are related with the email address. So if you don’t have change the email adress of the PC that why you keep loading his game. each profile use a email. So you must switch profile and use a different email adress to start a new game

The game save via Microsoft Store (no more call Windows Store) email. so if by example the profile is Gorge PC and the email used for the PC and Microsoft store is emailforMicrosoftstore@outlook.com you must change the profile in the PC or create a new one name I don’t know Dad PC and use a different email like itsmyemail@outlook.com 

So after you download Olympus Rising on the new profile. You will start from beginning