Unable to start game

mobile model : Lumia 640 Windows 10

problem : Cannot open the game at all.

I pinned the game to start by th tile isn’t working , even in menu game shows ‘pending’ asif it’s updating but it is not…

hereby images attached

Was it resolved?

Re download app

Go into store and look at downloads that’s what’s pending.o

Try pause and start on WiFi connection.

If you redownload on windows phone you have to ensure you account is linked to another platform.

Reinstalling windows will make you lose your account, so without it linked somewhere, you lose everything.


OneDrive is fine you don’t need another platform. Saved under your Ms account.



I have exactly the same problem !

Mobile: lumia 640 LTE windows 10


If your have cloud backup then just kill the download uninstall and reinstall.

Check you free Space too its not a small download.

From my knowledge cloud backup is not supported in Windows 10 mobile (in pc is supported), and in Store i don’t have RR2 in the download section - my recent activity was in 20.10.2016 when ver. was installed. The problem occurred yesterday.

I have enough space on both memory places (1 GB on device and 16 GB on SD card)

problem with pending RR2 resolved. I don’t know how- i submitted a ticket to Flaregames support.


Yes the cloud backup is supported as long as the phone is connected to your ms account - mine 1520 windows10 and pc

But good your working again.



Thank you for the information. I think Flaregames info from support site is out dated:

" Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we currently cannot offer cloud services for Windowsphone users. The player is therefore not able to save his game progress in a cloud. If you should lose your account, please contact Customer Support."

My game doesn’t load,( this is happening often now ) it freezes on the “connected” page… But, because I linked it to an old Facebook account I can access and play it through that. And after a few days I can log on via my desktop (Win !0) again. It seems to clear itself.