Unable to update new version

When I try to update the game I get this error code: 805a0193

IGN: Surviva

Device: Lumia 525

Error code: 805a0193

I have the same problem, too

Okay so you are on a windows phone version 8.1

 Its not related to RR2. Rather its a probelm on windows store side. All the apps and games showing same error code. 

Here is the link to the source that confirms it. 


There is three thing you can do. 

  1. Wait for Microsoft to fix that bug. 

  2. Upgrade to windows 10 mobile (it has a better support from Microsoft) 

  3. Or gift yourself a device of a different platform

Thank you for the response,and yes I’m on windows phone version 8.1, today I’m able to update and play, I think Microsoft fixed that bug. Thanks again for taking the time, I’ll try to gift myself a device in the near future.  Good Day.