Unable to upload Upgrade. AGAIN

The EXACT SAME PROBLEM as I had the last time with a major upgrade. Sign on to the game. Tells me here’s the link to download the upgrade. Click on the link, takes me to the Windows Store, where I am told there are no upgrades available. The last time this took nearly THREE MONTHS to solve. And I have no intention of bouncing back and forth between the Windows Store Tech people who blamed Flare, and the Flare tech people who blamed Windows Store over and over and over and over like I did last time.

Windows 8.1. Same in-game name. I’m NOT upgrading to Win10, can’t stand it. It would be nice if the upgrade won’t take ANOTHER THREE MONTHS to solve, but frankly I’m not holding my breath.

If anyone from my alliance reads this, this is why I will probably be gone for the next few MONTHS.


ETA: And apparently the “force everyone onto the new version” doesn’t work for everyone, because I am still having the same issue.