unbalanced battles

i am constantly finding myself as a lvl 38 only getting lvl 100+ to face in battles, they are all way higher lvled troops, and towers…constantly losing or having to spend all my gold to get a new enemy…pretty much sucks…

in the top right corner of main screen is your trophy level.

this is below your exp and current level and above amount of worker.

click on it

click on magnifying glass in top right corner.

use search parameters in groups of 500 to hone your search.

make sure you click offline. and non alliance usually is easier victims.

search that way and find better gold and opponents.

destroy them.

Good advice @pleasurablydisgruntled. Try to find weak non-alliance members to attack through the manual matchmaker. It’s a good way to find the opponent you want without having to spend all that gold

Well, it’ll get you easier opponents. Gold will not be so easy to find at that level (because low ranked players spend gold on upgrades, not wear it around because they have nothing else to do with it).

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ty all for the replies. pleasure your way works like a charm ty all again :))

maybe because all of the trophy droping during war , you can check their info first at leaderboard