Unbalanced wars

Hi. How can my alliance lvl24 with 29 members an 216 rank get in war with two alliances in top 100 rank and 35-40 members?


Its imposible to fight in same conditions when other alliances have 16 players more than your alliance.


That happend two times. How to choose the game opponents to be of a similar level? It is very frustrating to fight when you have no chance of winning


Alliance are match by Fiefdoms. Meaning if you won the last war you gained +5 and jumped way up. If the top 100 alliance lost their last war they got -3 and that is probably why they are matched with you. Typically what I suggest is fight hard for one war season, then the next war season use it to farm gold and not fight and just lose -3 again. You cannot move up the fiefdom leader boards fast as you will always run into bigger bader alliance if you try that method. EXPECT to lose at least 50% of your war seasons!

Great advice and in discussion with my generals to implement it. Thank you!