Unbanned From Pro-league

hey guy 
more peoples banned from Pro-league leaderboard and now cant join to pro league 
when this members can join to pro league and when they unbanned?

I hope they don’t, because they probably got banned due to cheating.

There definitley has to be punishment and those people should probably be lucky they did not get banned from the whole game.

All don’t use Cheat they banned for play with 2 account or sharing


Account  sharing is also cheating  -_-

they don’t sharing for pro league 
long time ago sharing for attack in war 


What is the difference?? Sharing Accounts is not allowed anyway due to the terms of use ^_^

My motivation for entering pro-league is seriously diminished by the amount of dupe accounts, and bannings that happens, you never know if you’re doing well till the last day, when cheaters may or may not be kicked (or some of the dupe accounts get removed).  I have more pro tickets than I’ll ever be able to use!