Under Attack Message

Has anybody seen the crossed sword flashing signal appear top left while logged in? I have never seen it before so I tapped it and got a message saying someone is attacking and they are trying to steal $$$.

Is this a new feature or did I just miss ut before? Screenshot too big to load will try and reduce it.


It’s been there at least from the moment I first played the game more than a year ago  :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s where u are been attack and u just log in,players haven’t finish the raid

Yeah, I have seen it many times


ok I’ve seen the message after an attack like “phew we managed to save this much gold” but never those two things during an attack.

You should remove that hair in front of your left eye  :grinning:

Haha Phage, this was always there. You just haven’t seen it yet or heard about it. Hearing problem? You need new glasses…

If you want to know how this raid ended, you need to close the game and to open it again.