under powered pals

eris,Archimedes,aki nd growl are some of he most underpowered support pal.

1)Archimedes:stun spell is most effective with good timing,this pal stuns at a certain cool down.also its effects r completely negated by howl nd does very lil damage.my suggestion would b to give it increased range up to 5.5-6

2)eris:it’s the most worthless pal in the game!!y?cos it doesn’t attacks towers.fair enough that phoebe doesn’t either bt it has blessing that can heal an entire army.kiser,imgard etc r way way better dishing out damage.to make things worst its a pro pal that’s weaker than normal pals.my suggestion would that eris attack nd ability should b able to hit towers nd units nd a lil more range.

3)growl:intimidate?what even is that!!slight slow units in front of u?that’s way too dope to use my suggestion would b to give slow down perk as it’s ability

A lot of of the issues with pals would be fixed and balanced if they didn’t use their abilities 20 feet behind the hero. Have them run up, use their ability, then retreat to the king’s side


All of your suggestions will be taken into consideration, thanks for the feedback.

As you can see we are already working on the eris pal and beast rebalancing, that should be ready soon, take a look at the watch list to see when the others are being worked on: