underpowered unit

y is flare so persistent in making paladins the most useless unit in the entire game?after the update it has 3 weakness ice,normal,nd poision.with only piercing resistance it’s the worst unit!

Oh man… you’re the same guy that is convinced that Bladestorm is now super balanced, so I guess there’s no surprise that you also think that paladins are the worst unit in the game.


Paladins are very powerful and usefull in offense right now. Go test them first.

trust me i have,only with pro boost paladins seems more playable.also im the guy who 1st  suggested the range increase for bladestorm before anybody else ?

Yep paladins are super useful in both offence and defense now…

Sooner or later the day might come when it will be decreased again…Not a big thing  :wink: -_-

I think that paladins aren’t great, but they definitely are better than other troops in offense and defense

Trust me, you have not.

First upgrade them to the max level, forge them, wait until they have both the elite and the pro boost active, and then test them.

They’re very strong in offense now.