Undo Button and Save/restire Layout Button

Undo Button:

When Changing Path Layout, or Sometimes when moving towers, Player accidentally Changed the path instead of just moving the towers. Having an Undo Button would help.

Save Button:

Allow Players to Save Path Layout(The Maze, Where Towers are Located)

like for example, the player want to change the path layout, just to try another strategy.

Change it already, and want to get his/her old path layout back, if he /she remembers the layout, he will manually change it, one by one. If he/she doesn’t, it’s worse.

Having a save and/or a restore button, would help.

And a great example is for those players who open their bases to reduce trophies, it would help them very much

I agree with these ideas, but opening your base to lose trophies on porpuse is kinda evil I think  :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i love this suggestion too…

I made a post about this a few months ago, to store one or 2 base layouts. Not to drop trophies, but for war when you wanna have 2 firebolt at the gate.

So i can only support this idea! I hope alot people will leave a comment so mod and dev will notice!

Hope they’ll notice this too.

Rest assured, mods noticed it :grinning:

Feel free to use the forum’s search feature and read through some of the older topics discussing this suggestion. 


Devs noticing (and implementing) it, is written on a different page, though… 

I would love to see this, since it would be a great way to dissuade farming.  If someone is hitting you, just hit the Path 2 button and they have to learn a new path.  Awesome!

Good idea

And wave too

Even better

Honestly, sometimes, I just get bored and want to change my bases layout. 

But then I hate the thought of having to put it all back!  I would tinker with my base and try a lot more layouts if I knew I could just click back to what I had.

Both of them are decent ideas