Uneeded items given to other Alliance members

Many times finding myself with more items that just don’t make the cut,I am faced with the choice melt or sell. I would like the ability to build up the lower level members of my Alliance by presenting them with a gift.

James the anoited

Leader of Castleblack Inc.

This has been suggested a lot of times already, but the problem is that if the same player gets a lot of gifts, he’ll suddenly become too overpowered for his level…

Yeah, that’s why i suggest to put a level limitation of the items traded, so there wouldn’t create such problems.

Lol, i wanna share my worker to my friend

Maybe 1 week limit per worker

How about that ?


I don’t think you want to take that risk. I know you wrote it with intention to be funny, not for being serious :grinning:


What if that friend suddenly leaves the alliance? Knowing that most developers don’t even hold reckon with such a scenario, I would guess it would end with bybye worker or an upgrade that never finishes by lack of a worker on that upgrade.


Lol, instead of boost jumpers, we would get a new type of players - Worker jumpers. I am already looking for the looking for alliance topic.


Topic start, looking for alliance that is sharing workers :wink:

i have 7 workers and still need “free” worker

its hard to get a worker for a free player like me. sharing worker is a great idea. great for us but disaster for flare (if U know what I mean. haha)

gear share? great for us but disaster (again) for flare. someone paid 800 gems for a virtual item called legendary gear, U know? haha

btw how about food share? gold share? spell share? gem share? account share?

Flare : bye bye money.

Passing an item to a friend, from the friendlist, not lending/borrowing, would make a little chaos in the game , but it could threaten best players. What could also be a challenge for them.

I don`t think that top 100 players would give an item to any potential competitor.