Unerased towers or blocked

2 says ago accidently erase or destroy firebolt tower level 7… Please there have spme datroy bin for towers ao if we destroy tower pr blocked can be restored or rebuild again… So fucking hard , expenaive and loopooong time to build it. Please command this topic so tower bin exists. Tq

What are you trying to say, man? Improve your English and more importantly, don’t swear. 

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Using recycle bin on towers

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@job Marcell, your tower still exists, all you have done is stored it, go to the tile (empty) that you would like your tower on click on the build towers option, click on the tower type (firebolt), you will see the option to build new or use, the one that you stored will be there and available for use. Click on it and it will restore. You cannot delete towers, just store them away.

Please stay civil while asking questions. Your tower has not been lost. It has been placed in your inventory. Checking our FAQ would have revealed the answer to your question:


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_ I am missing a tower. Where did it go? _



You most likely placed it in your inventory without noticing. To check your inventory, click on an empty space along your defense path and select the type of tower that you are missing. You are now able to choose between constructing an entirely new tower or selecting the ones that you have stored. A small number will indicate to you how many towers of a certain type you have stored.


To place a tower in your inventory on purpose, simply select it and click on the storage box icon on the lower side of the screen.

is swearing allowed here?