Unethical nicknames

Should be banned from the game or at least for forced to change his nick

Thanks, @InFiNiTyYy. This has now been taken care of.

Search Wayward see what I have to deal with!

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

If there are offensive names, please go ahead and report them.

It looks more lack of respect to me when seeing these names. 

Is not there a profanity filter to prevent abusive player names?



It’s kinda ingenious if you think about it 

I actually like that one…  lol

it’s the first time I heard in a game some player is disturb a lot just by some pseudo or nickname. that disturb you much at this point? if someone is call Bigdick or Iamabitch or I don’t know Iamanigga? very weird strange topic. I didn’t know that some person can make some bad nightmare when they sleep,be stressed and be disturbed at the point they must consult a psy and probably a doctor just because they see some bad nickname. Don’t take you much to be offended by the way.

Seriously be offended by just a little pseudo. I guess this topic it’s just a joke and no one is really serious here. if you are serious in this case my advice play more video game you will be surprise this happen in all video games. By the way welcome in the world of video game :stuck_out_tongue:  

LOL I imagine each person here who are offended by just a pseudo and play online game and each time call the company for each game : ‘‘Hello I call you because in your game I saw someone call Fuckyouman and another one call Bigbreast and I wanted you take time to warning them and ask them to change their nickname’’

I imagine the face of the owner of the company lol must be priceless like what?

Sorry guy if I found that funny no offense but my little advice find a another pass time next time :slight_smile:

PS : maybe close this topic? if you are serious please do it in private via support team at least there no one will laugh at you when they see a topic like this one 

By the way thanks a lot you make my day :grinning: I laugh very much

Clearly Warriornator is another one of these juvenile delinquents who has felt the business-end of a Ban-Hammer more than a few times…

Love the smell of Butthurt in the morning. lol :wink:

lol just I don’t find normal some are so disturbed by just a nickname. Just no sense. It’s not the end of the world if someone use the name fuckyoubitch or Ieatmyshit or whatever is just a nickname nothing more. there is other stuff in the life more important to worry than that.

@Warriornator as the game is played all over the world, by different cultures, genders, religions and ages, there are plenty of people who don’t share your positive outlook on life :grinning:

In addition as the game is rated 12+ in most countries, many parents do not want their children being negatively influenced by such behaviour.

Finally, if you log into a game and are confronted with a personal insult, while you may not lose sleep, it does negatively impact your enjoyment of the game. Just because people think Wayward should be impervious to this, does not make it right.

Dik E. Normus is a good one though! (please note that my thoughts and opinions do not represent the thoughts or opinions of flaregames or any affiliates)

@ataide As you can see on the list of names you posted, although there is a profanity filter, players will often go to extra lengths to bypass this using special characters or word combinations.

Thank you for the clarification. It is tough, to find a counter. 

As far back as I can remember games… there has been funny names. Even in arcades… who has not see ASS as a top rank name…

Zeus: Choose a glorious name, worthy of a god.

Player: Di*

Zeus: That name is not godly enough. Choose a new one.

Player: Di*  E. Normus

Zeus: A magnificent name, one worthy of your  greatness. Now you are ready to lead the fight for Mt Olympus!

I think Athena should answer the question, not Zeus, as she’s the Goddess of Wisdom.  :wink:


I could create another topic, but since it’s related, as a suggestion, can you please improve the name search with wildcards?

Lots of users are using emojis in their IGN, making the search almost useless.


That player attacked me many times a while ago. When I saw the name for the first times, I thought it was a popup or a chat message before realizing it was just part of the battle log…

Mort de rire!

You made me laugh even harder. 


Very good point. Thanks.