Unethical nicknames

Dick E. Normus






Dick M. Down

Odin Zanus III

Alex A. Nail


Done. :slight_smile:


The search with wildcards is working like a charm. ?

Not every player is familiar with wildcards unless they have some computing/programming/telecom knowledge, and not all of them are visiting the forum. Maybe you can put some notes near the search box to explain.

This suggestion is not a rush.

Good suggestion, we’re thinking about how best to do this.

In the meantime, a hint will appear on loading screens, as a starter for those not on the forum.

Wildcards are not working on iOS.  If I type “tom” in the player search, I see Tom86, Tomaha the Feared, Tom The Tax Adviser, etc.

If I add an asterisk and type “tom*” in the player search, it says No players found.

It seems the asterisk is not needed in iOS?  But it’s also not working.

@RyanPlegics could you see what happens if you put *tom ?

Note: it’s not necessary to put a wildcard after the name - leaving it blank already finds all players which begin with “tom”. This has always been the case.

It did find !AtOm!, #Tomino#, --Tommygun50–, atomic_girl, etc. so it does seem that the wildcard in front is working.  It nullifies all results if you put it at the end


@CaptainMorgan I have also found some problems with not typing the whole name in the past.  I’ll try to recreate an example and post again

@CaptainMorgan Another strange behavior that I’ve noticed in the past with this search:


If I type “dem” I get:

Demetrius Y with 2479 trophies

deman04 with 1665 trophies

Dementrix with 1579 trophies


It’s not alphabetical because “dema” is coming between 2 x “Deme”.  It looks like it’s all players that applied to the search, sorted by trophies.


However, if I type “demo” I get:

Demon24 with 3180 trophies

demon4ik8891 with 2519 trophies

Demon_Gr with 2455 trophies


By my trophy assumption, I would have expected these to be in the first set of results

It does seem quite random for users, but at the moment the players will just be sorted by their user ID (the number you can find in your Options screen).

I’ve got another one for you: If I type “gator” it finds one player: gator4264. If I type “*gator” it shows the spinning busy icon and never finds anything.

 I spend too much time typing random things into searches! Hahaha

Same with “power” and “*power”


For “*gator” and “*power”, yes, it takes longer but you should get results at the end.

Sounds like those searches are returning a lot of players, so the system is taking a very long time to load them. Perhaps we need to build in a limit, but that would also make it harder to find certain players.

Um, where did I hear that funky name before? ??