Unexplainable phenomenon


I checked that person‚Ķ That guy is ‚Äėinactive‚Äô‚Ķ I searched him from global leaderboard and correct me if i am wrong, but you cannot search for an inactive person‚Ķ What sort of sorcery is it?..

In global leaderboard, he is shown in an alliance, but when you open that alliance member board, you cannot find that person there…

I get my trophy level. I get active. The inexplicable thing is that … the trophies are varied. And as of today, it has the same. Everything a mystery or something else that people already imagine. :wink:

he has it as if they make an attack on the level that marks as more, you get less trophies because at the time of attacking, you mark less trophies. And at a general level, his trophies mark more trophies. In that range I take out the list of about 8/10 trophies, because only 2 trophies if I attack.

Although attacks always remain in the same position in the ranking (4.149).

That account is probably corrupted… You CANNOT attack an inactive non-existent account… so mysterious…

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It’s so unusual… Someone, explain this phenomenon… :scream::scream::scream:

@DISCIPULO do you still get trophies, gold and xps you won from attacking that account?

@Madlen, I hope you got some answers explaining this thing…

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Our community manager is in vacation actually.