Unfair ban from Pro league & no answer from the support


I didn’t want to write it here, because I will be told to see with FG support but 5 days just passed, and still no answer from the support. I wrote to understand why I got banned unfairly, without notice (IGN : Mikoukiou). I sent many infos showing I was not sharing account or having multi accounts. It’s like FG puts you in jail with no possibility to defend, and pointing you as a bad person only because “they suspect” but don’t have proofs, because there are none. I’m playing those pro leagues alone, and I don’t help others to do their pro-leagues (many members asked me and I always refused, because I never wanted to break the terms and conditions).

I couldn’t receive last week’s reward, and I can’t enter this new week’s pro league. Time goes by, and I’m going to miss the rest of the pro-league because of the 0 answer and consideration from FG, and because of this unfair and unjustified ban.

That’s why I ask, please, to investigate and you will see that I don’t share accounts and don’t have multiple accounts to play pro leagues.

NB: I won’t share the infos in public, so please contact me in private, via mails I sent the last few days.



Sorry you got banned. CS with Flare is really bad.but  I have heard of them unbanning before. I hope this happens in your case. I would just wait on CS and when a administrator see this here it will be locked. This kind of post isn’t allowed on the forum.

Yes, and I understand if it is locked. I just wanted things to move a little by posting here. It is frustrating to not be able to play, when you know you have not done anything wrong.

LOL last night I have watch a video about the unholy paladin pro boost and just after watch the video of Flothaboss explain about hack and all. ‘‘Supposely’’ They don’t ban without be sure. LOL yeah yeah happen twice in few weeks. Two wrong ban without proof,etc… I suggest until this will be fix or they decide to change their method. Don’t participate in Pro league or you take a chance to be ban and can take many weeks before you will be unban if you are unban,etc…

Sadly that happen so many time and will happen again…:frowning:

What cause this? someone who use a router and change IP each day? or something else? Before I participate to Pro league I want to know what cause all this mess since few weeks?


@Strongsoon had this happen to him. What’s going on here flaregames? Are you just wildly guessing who the hackers are? Which one of us is gonna be next? We need some answers @flaretara @Nikko @PaSte

Hah. I wasn’t participating recently due to all the reward mishaps and bloopers, this’d be another reason not to. But since I suck at PL maybe I’d be safe… Then again, it’d be a laugh to be accused of hacking when you finish in the 800’s.

You won’t be banned for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone blaming flares of banning people without reasons, think again. No company would ban their customers w/o reasons, even thinking about it is ■■■■■■.

Do you guys have proof that those banned players play fair? If not, don’t try to complaint of something  you don’t know.

Flares is trying to make the game as fair as possible, you asked for this, now you bash them without knowing anything?

I even think Strongsoon just said he is unbanned just to protect his ‘reputation’. Who knows? Any proof?

And, Mikoukiou? Is this acc anything related to the top 1 Mikou le Tenor? Both from 7.6, top PL scorer…

There is also Rrg_firefrost top scorer, and also QR9 top scorer in 7.6. Am I all these players? Ridiculous. If I said I was unfairly banned that’s because I know I’m not those accounts, else I wouldn’t complain!! You don’t know me but even my mother plays in 7.6 (and many members know it in the game), and she doesn’t have any pro-league crown, ah! If I shared accounts or had multi accounts, we would all have a crown (since I always end up top100)! Knowing that, I think it’s a proof I’m not complaining for nothing. And I have many other proofs, if FG could check the mails I sent.

Just because of a name, it’s not right to ban someone. What if I was called (just an example) “Khiago the great”, or “Khiago 2”? Would it mean “Khiago” should be banned, or the other names because they are similar? That’s ridiculous.

Well flare, what are you going to do about reinstating Mikoukiou? Do you really think messing around with one of the games top players will help your image? I think it makes you guys look pretty bad :confused:


I hope will @Strongsoon will show the proof here and proof that people are banned just on the basis of suspect. 

I hope @Mik0ukiou will be unbanned too if he is right.( along with some compensation). 

Hey, we do not discuss player account status or private information on the forums, or through our social channels. Moving the discussion to pm.