unfair blessing in the war

Our alliance has engaged an opponent with a war blessing they donot supposed to have.(phalanx wall).since we are now in the league of demigods,that could make the war extremely unfair,my alliance members had to use more diamonds to beat them.they name is deutschlander.

and the funny thing is that they even gave them 5,000 gems each … ???

Thx Negan view my post.Half of my alliance members only 110+,they had to use lots diamond s to fight them.not like in the map,we cannot choice skip them…

perhaps Gm wanna use this way force we take money buy more diamonds?

Sry for my poor English.

do you know what the problem is? that unfortunately I do not think they are in bad faith and they do it with a purpose! It is that they are totally unaware of what happens on the game !!

I would violate several forum’s rules had I have to say what I think  ?

By the way, at 16 of november we were having same issue vs same alliance … Deutschlander alliance seems to be subscribed to “extra” bonuses since quite a long time.

Consider that alliance is a German alliance,I really hope it is just a coincidence.(perhaps what I said had violate forums rules)

Now I just wonder why they had not the chaos gate blessing…and then,they will get 10k gems …not just 5k for one bug…

It is not a cospiracy  , rather a too late and half - a  **    patch 

No no it’s not that, other alliances have the same bonus thing … not just them.

Actually, what Madlen said (from how I understand it) is that they fixed the bug so that bonus can’t be prolonged any longer above the limit from now on … and that *at the end of this season* the ones that still have extra bonus will be stripped of them (and rewarded with gems and compensated with gold). But for the current season they can still keep them.

It makes little sense to me to announce such a bug fix in middle season without stripping them right away … it would’ve raised way less complains if they just fix the bug now, but announce it along with the strip of bonus at end of season. But doing it midway made it weird and unclear.

Then it remains that gold compensation is understandable, but gems also is, imho, a bad choice. As other said, it would’ve made more sense eventually to give the gems to those that faced those alliances in the past months.

Also makes little sense to me that took months to solve it. There was no need for client updated or such stuff … unless they tell me that when the server receives a “prolong war bonus” message from a client, no checks are performed to see if one alliance is elegible for it or not. If it worked this way, small wonder that it could’ve been abused wildly.

It was enough, to fix the bug, to put a check on server on prolong-bonus-request. And to cut all extra bonus duration was not much more than a db query anyway. So again, this was a “political” decision about a bug, that was left rot for way too long. And when they decided to fix it, they come out with a solution that probably makes noone happy.

They already stripped the extra bonus, they  just only stripped them to the end of the season. Some alliances had weeks and weeks of extra war blessings. But I agree with everything else you said @Dheth. This should have been resolved sooner and better. 

I’m hoping that the TL blessings (for 1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be fixed in the same way. As this is as relevant an issue as the other ones. 

It should have been.