Unfair like this?

Are you serious? you can get huge number of free gem just like that on Ipad and Android? with tapjoy and a video? its unfair why we don’t have that on PC?

i never know the difference was big at this point and my video work on Ipad

I can get enough gems to buy the started pack I never able to do that on PC



As i know problem on Windows side,mot Flare

Don’t think so Cromka. Videos do work now on Windows OS (at least sometimes, lol)…

But does Tapjoy work with windows?  If not than that is not something that Flare can control.  If they could find something that could generate money from a different platform they would.

Never imply that they’re refusing to earn them more revenue.

Maybe a policy issue or something like that but still I am sure Tapjoy is not the only one compagnie on this planet to do that. I am sure must be existing a another tier compagnie who do the same

I am sure we can have that on Windows too

Tapjoy pollutes your PC with residues of applications installed and uninstalled. I’ll never use this on my PC.