unfair matches in the war

Hello Flare,

unfortunately this war season the match up were a little unfair, so we get shut out after two days. 

Our Aliance ranks 798 has fully 26 active Members, have aprox 47.000 Trophies and is Level 21. The other aliances were:

Rank 436 - 52 Members - 91.000 Trophies - Level 49

Rank 559 - 35 Members - 69.000 Trophies - Level 39

Rank 572 - 34 Members - 67.000 Trophies - Level 47

Rank 553 - 42 Members - 70.000 Trophies - Level 37

Rank 565 - 40 Members - 68.000 Trophies - Level 35


Our Members fighted like lions but never had a chance. So it was very disappointing after the last war was 1 month ago because the war was a nice and god chance to claim some gold.

It becomes also more frustrating after the anoucment of “Boost your Castle”.

My members i I hope this was only one missmatch or better a mistake by the matchmaking system so we can enjoy the next war season and also can claim some rewards and boost.


Thank you.

Hello GuruHeinz,

Thank you for your question.

The only relevant information for the matchmaking is the number of fiefdoms. If you play an alliance for a long time very successfully it could happen that you are being matched against alliances that have a similar amount of fiefdoms, but which are larger. 

Since it is possible to modify things such as amount of members, active members or trophies before a war starts, the matchmaking is based on the fiefdoms.

It is likely that the next time your alliance plays you will get rather easy opponents.

I hope this clarifies your question. I have forwarded your concern though and I wish you a “gg” for next time. :slight_smile:

Hello madlen,

thanks for your answer and your explanation.

But when the matchmaking is only based on the fiefdoms I must say that in this case the mix was unfair for our opponent ? Cause our fiefdoms was shown with 45  and  the other where 36, 41, 37, 39 and 40.

I don’t know if the 4 we lose this time are already counted off but if we had 49 at the beginning?

Also when the matchmaking is based on fiefdoms, it doesn’t matter if we have know 45 or after the season minus 4  41 fiefdoms the match up for the next war season seem to be similar.


I understand that that some things like amount of player could be modified but I think that player that join an alliance during a war can’t participate. So how they can effect the war result or am I wrong?

I spoke for my alliance and I say that if fiefdoms are the only thing that count for the matchmaking it seams like getting punished for that we take so many time and invest a lot for success in the past.


Just an idea right know but maybe it is possible to implement a kind of scullbonus for weaker alliances to give them a chance.






We are in League of Heroes.

we get maybe 3th war sesion a too some stronger aliance with players which have level 120and more, and they have more players. (more about 6-10 players)

Two times we have the same strong aliance in war. we lost many torches!!!, because we have no chance against this aliance, and not to mention, in Campaigne , where you are the weakest team, attack you two aliances, from two side!!!

3 SESION Wars (3 campaigne, 3 duel etc…)

WE was very close in green field player in league , now we are in red field. We played so much point, as only 10

aliances in league. How possible, that aliances with 40 percent of our points in one war event (only campaigne) have +8 torches, and we 0??? 

I think leagues are created, that in war fighting roughly same strong aliances!!!

NOW we are in red, and we get Aliance from green, and maybe aliance with the most player??? THIS IS RIGHT??? they get much more torches, we have no chance and we lost more torches.Why this aliance dont get the same strong aliances from green, or with the same strong player, with roughly same number of player???

Why your game system allow this??? it is unfair.




NOW the first 5 aliances from league of HEROES go to league up After campaigne and duel) ???

WHy now??? We fight one of this 5 aliance in campaigne. ?

And 5, maybe 6 aliances come to our league. (With 38 or 40 player???) ,

What do you think, What has chanced for us in league , where most aliance have 30 or less player)???

hey madlen,

the next time is now nearby over and our 21 lvl Alliance is out since yesterday and had again now chance against the other 31/31/39/41/71Lvl alliances. Ok maby we win against the 71 but they don’t fight back…

We come in with 42 fiefdoms and the other has something between 39 and 41 instead of the lvl 71 with 17fiefdoms but they don’t seem to take this war serious. Maybe they understand the matchmaking and just will lose fiefdoms to be sure to be the strongest alliance in the upcoming wars? but could this be the only strategy not to play to successfully to get some enemies you could compare with?

So in the next war season we will start with 39 fiefdoms so there is no guarantee that there would be easier opponents.

It seems like a lottery. And with only one War each month we can be happy if we lose enough fiefdoms until the mid of next year to enjoy a war season again.

I or us don’t want to get the first place everytime (sure would be nice but that is not like it works) we just want to enjoy the game again.

2 month ago we had fully 26 active members 21LVL alliance that worked hard and have fun, and maybe like you mention with 45 fiefdoms we get there is I thing a good job. Now we there are only 18 members left with after this season still 39 fiefdoms left which will not make things better for next month or for the upcoming conquest if we lose more members.

And by loosing I would say that is not the problem that they changes the alliance, they just get inactive!

Thank you

The whole fiefdom matching,  big teams losing on purpose, and flare’s lack of concern to fix it is killing the game. 

Many very good ideas of how to correct the issues have been brought forth… 

They just don’t seem to care?