Unfair Matching System Only Gets Worse

I will start by saying I think most of the changes implemented in game over the last month or two have been good.


I also have not felt the matching system was THAT bad, but it clearly has shown room for improvement in the past.  However, after the last patch I really feel like this is the worst match-up I have EVER seen in game;


Alliance 1 - Rank 213 - 35/36 Members

Alliance 2 - Rank 322 - 27/27 Members

Alliance 3 - Rank 174 - 37/38 Members

Alliance 4 - Rank 169 - 34/35 Members

Alliance 5 - Rank 212 - 35/35 Members

Alliance 6 - Rank 46 - 54/56 Members


So, most are very similar, one being a little low and the last being over 4X as good as the average of the 4 ‘middle’ alliances.

I mean, not even close, absolutely no way anyone else in this war can even come close to competing with them.


You just basically handed them first place and left everyone else competing for second.  With as many changes to the matching system (even giving losing alliances a 2% boost per loss) it should not be putting top 50 alliances in the group of alliances listed above (avg. of other 5 alliances is Rank 218), no mater how few fiefdoms they have!




And them being able to use their huge number of large contributors in order to keep up the new ‘War Boosts’ that none of the other alliances in this bracket can likely afford, it’s actually is even more lopsided! More so than any war season I have yet to see!  This is not even fun, can you please address this…






yeah it’s really stupid,after first few war seasons,all middle level alliances(actually excluding few top ones who are at equal strength more or less,so just matter of more grinding there) reach certain point where they win 1 war season then loose next one more or less.even every player of alliance very actively playing doesn’t matter,because for example as you win current war +5 fiedoms then you’ll match up with crazily higher rank alliance,now even if our all players very active we don’t have chance at all cause opponents have more members,and as they higher rank alliance(more total trohies),our last 8-10 players can’t score much even if they willing to do because alliance matched up(trophy difference) so messed and they are not higher enough even to do proper top 3.now even if you manage to win this time somehow,then next war season gonna be just impossible.then it creates lot of frustration amongs players who don’t understand this.and now with limited attack(which I kinda like “less grinding”) this unfair matchmaking much much more worse !


I think matching up alliances based on fiefdoms is ok but not good enough there has to be other factors which can be considered,like alliance’s rank/total trophies,number of slots and all.


flare please reply,we’re facing this problem since the introduction of alliance war,and so many different fix suggested but not even one official reply from flare till now,It’s really shame   :angry:

“I think matching up alliances based on fiefdoms is ok but not good enough there has to be other factors which can be considered,like alliance’s rank/total trophies,number of slots and all.” 


This is exactly my point, and is what I assumed the ‘improved’ matching system might be doing.  Like using the following factors all averaged out to make matches;


-Alliance Level (which is also max. number of members)

-Average trophy count of alliance members

-Average donation rate of alliance members

-Average level of alliance members

-Average wave level of alliance members

-Number of alliance fiefdoms

-Maybe place achieved in last war season?

-Maybe average level of towers/barricades of alliance members?


Obviously this needs a little more taken into consideration, you don’t want to be playing against the same alliances every season.  But as I stated before; I am vexed as to why the improved system made such a poor match based on the above example (an obvious outlier.)

Mine looks fine,

How about others?

Your example of bad matching of Alliances:  not as bad as for us in current Season Alliance      Rank/Level      Number of Members

1                 623                      25

2               1,125                    18

3                1,253                   21

4                1,319                   16

5                1,473                    17

6                3,058                    15


Of course, Alliance 1 will win, especially now, as strong players are limited by restriction on number of attacks.  Also, Alliance 1 has spent money on Boosts.

The new Boosts add much greater confusion to the game, and add to the work in changing configurations when Boosts change!  Waste of time.

Now that the season is coming to a close one more glaring omission from my post needs to be mentioned.  The match-up is so lopsided the highest ranking alliance not only is automatically going to get first place (by a landslide!) but they also 100% determined who gets second and third place.  By attacking (or not attacking) certain alliances through the season they have complete control to decide EXACTLY who wins and looses.  


Again Flare, this is not fun.  We have had at least 4 people leave our alliance (which I work very hard at) over this and as the season progresses so does my frustration.  Receiving no comments or acknowledgement does not help…