Unfair Matchmaking!

I’m at 2500 trophies and my Odysseus is only level 12. Why am I faced against a player with a silver lining and with 4100 trophies. I understand that his Ascension level is fairly low, but he’s obviously stronger than me. This is very annoying to see

Don’t fight him then.

16 trophies if you win? I thought 15 is the max?

If you have *extremely* low trophies you get extra makeup points. 

It’s 15 + 1 free boost trophy = 16 trophies

The max is 15+23=38 trophies

For all details:


Is Odysseus your strongest Hero?

I was wondering that too. 

No, he’s not, but all my good heroes are on the other side of the map collecting better resources than other islands. That’s excluding Helen, can’t stand attacking with her, plus she’s just flat out 100% worse than Odysseus. My strongest hero is Perseus, then Hercules, then Ajax, I think. Ariadne is after those three

So it’s not some great revelation, but you shouldn’t expect to be able to beat every enemy on your map with every hero. Or any hero, sometimes. It’s not breaking the game design to give players enemies that are too challenging to beat with no death and no invos. The matchmaking is designed to give players a mix of opponents, some hard, some easy, some right in the middle. The easiest enemies tend to be on the islands closest to olympus, so if you’re still levelling up weaker heroes you should try there first. Outer rim islands tend to have stronger enemies, so plan on spending gems or using your best heroes to clear those islands. If a tough player is on a resource island you want, you can 1) conquer it for gems, 2) use a weaker hero like your Oddy and use some invos to beat him (earning XP in the process - the tougher the defense the more XP you get!), or 3) use one of your strongest heroes, beat him, and then swap islands with a weaker placeholder hero to earn resources. This frees up your strong hero to beat up the next enemy. In this scenario I’d pay the 5 gems for a defense fleet so you can hang on to the resource island longer.

EDIT: and Helen’s really good. She’s one of my top 3 heroes.

I would be more than happy to get THAT enemy! ?

I agree, right now I have players 15 levels higher than me with 3000+ more trophies than I have.  Odyssey’s are all jacked up.  The game is getting progressively less playable.

Maybe this thread should be merged with some of the discussion in the Feb Q&A thread, but it would be great to see a complete overhaul of the trophy system that eliminated the leaderboard race and instead focused on advanced matchmaking based on something beyond level and trophies. I think it would be possible, because when you don’t have to worry about a leaderboard getting upside down, you don’t have to be a slave to the trophy based matchups. 

You’d end up creating a new type of leaderboard, based upon different metrics than JUST trophies. Fame would be included, as well as, I think, some tally of total wins and stops on defense. Losses on offense and defense can be easily manipulated, so I’d be very careful about using a win% as one of the metrics, but it would be worth at least thinking about. 

Pheme and Titan points could be married to this leaderboard and matchups would immediately be much better.