unfair pairings in alliance war, will the algorithm be fixed?

Having been paired with alliance no 707 with 24 members and alliance 754 with 23 members our alliance is heading for 3rd place at best or even elimination. We are ranked 2322 with eleven members.


It’s technically & practically impossible for us to beat either of these alliances unless they all go on holiday so why would matching software put us with them. We won our last season with 8 fiefdoms so I’m assuming that was enough for the software to decide we needed to be taken down a peg or two.


The result is that most of our members are not playing the alliance wars in this season and because we have no chance of wining anything we are not trying hard, not using gems and not enjoying the lack of competition.


Our competitors are cowards as they are only attacking much smaller alliances and avoiding each other instead of facing up to each other and fighting it out. One will get 8, the other 7 and none of them will have had nearly as much fun as we had last season in a tightly matched series of wars.


Fix the code folks, danke