Unfair part of events that could/should be changed. *as said by others before*

I really enjoy the events, and the rewards are generous, thanks for that!


But i think the CoF part of obtaining your coins is slightly unfair, some can’t afford it or might missclick and missout on tokens!

No, i’m not talking about myself as the screenshot shows, i did a full perfect run, but so did number 2!

He just missed 200 tokens from CoF on our tier, i think it’s a shame that regardless of his performance to score flawless he doesn’t get the perfect score, due to CoF.


I hope you may consider this in future events, as said by many others.

I do enjoy the CoF but making it a requirement to score perfect in events is a bad idea in my opinion.


Again, i’m not saying this for myself.


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He indeed skipped fast or misclicked the chest to get 200 Ninja Coins, i’d put on the 2nd place this error doable by the player:

My personal list of mistakes that a player might do during Ninja Event:

1° place -> missing a tower

2° place -> missing by mistake Ninja Coins in Chamber of Fortune

3° place -> finishing the Ninja Event with less islands done than 30( of total) due to lack of time at the end

Missing a tower can be avoided by moving to the gate early to clear atleast 1 side.

It’s why i’m saying that regardless of his flawless effort he didn’t get the reward he deserves, due to missing 1 CoF.


Many players are rank 2 or 3 simply because they’ve missed some CoF chests, their skill to get 3 crowns every fight doesn’t really get rewarded, CoF does, in the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes as you point out there is a inequity in pay2win games.

I thought the rewards should just be coin level set and no set number of reward spots. And 1st place is 100% on bases.

So gem spend would be scroll for first but the cof would secure a higher placement for 3 or 4. so even part way through you could change to cof if you miss a tower.

Trick is to provide both so no single slot winners. Merit/sucess based not a rigged horse race.