unfair titan league

here’s an alternative way to make the titan league fair 


reduce alliances to 10 or even 8

as we have seen in these two seasons there are some really weak alliances and they can’t compete with the rest , making other alliances get easy torches and miss up the whole league



make the whole wars 1vs 1 

just like real sports leagues you can’t get help from other teams , ever alliance will fight for its own benefit , straight forward fight.


They can’t do that now. 12 alliances is perfect for all types of wars(12 is divisible by 2,3 and 4). And please no,we don’t want all wars 1vs1.

I think it’s fine the way it is, too. Hopefully over the next couple of months the leagues will reshuffle a little or alliances will merge and the top 12 will be a little more even.

One thing that I did notice earlier, though, was that if nothing at all was changed except titan league was converted to 6 alliances instead of 12, the next 2 leagues down would be a lot better balanced as well.

I think they should add some good rewards for new teams that are promoted to titan leagues.

I am not going to promote my team to titan league as long as current reward system stays.

I am with Hussam this unfair system