Unfair war all the time un season war

I am an officer of Fortiter a level 27 alliance and I find it very unfair to have to face alliances level 40 onwards. I would like to know why that is done since the players leave because we do not win a battle. also it gets boring since I at level 126 face a warrior of level 150. thanks

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Well being good at the game means you always face better teams. There is nothing wrong with that, there isn’t a huge pool of alliances so that you can be matched with a similar alliance. Trust me though, at early stages, even if you were level 40, it would still be difficult to win against “older” alliances, in general.

I do however want to suggest again, that alliances take to war less players, here are some benefits for this one @CaptainMorgan

  1. teams get to choose the good performers. Makes the overall ability of the team more consistent
  2. allows members to take a break or a one war time-out, without affecting their team or their game
  3. makes matchmaking more equal, in cases such as above, but also in cases where the members are not all active. Having 20-30 active is much easier
  4. if so many want to compete (like for example all of current 50 members), then they will spread in the league’s making them more equal and competitive.
  5. there are a few more
  • This also enables a penalty for hoping players, as the hopper wont necessarily need to compete the first war. He can sit on the bench until his penalty is over
  • prizes can be won for all players (could be all chests except titan - or all titans only) even if a player doesn’t compete.

Ive seen this in other games, it works well… as long as the small rules are implemented for a good game flow.


I joined my first alliance 1 month ago right after winning a war (not full season) and since then we have not won any… till yesterday. I am happy for not giving up, having patience and FINALLY WINNING.

I remember my first war in this game. I was level 48. All my enemies have been 56 +… up to 125 the strongest. I felt how hard is my road ahead to go in this game. But you think I gave up??

Last war was my first war I have won with my team. I was level 65. The first enemy who attacked me was level 87. He failed :smile:. I counterattacked. I was a bit scarried. I used invocations. I won. Later I discovered I could beat him with no invocations. His team had levels like 83, 84, 87, 87, 112… LOOL I killed everyone of them except the top guy. I thought is the time to see if my level 65 can kill a level 112. I won 2 stars against him. Almost killed his hero, but… I was missing ten more seconds to get 3 stars.

So what are you scared of?? A level 150,?? against your 125?? My alliance was level 18. If this you think would have helped me fight against a level 112 with my 65 and win the battle.

You are killed by fear long before the enemy kills you. And this is not the attitude against a great number of good players who awaits on your way forward in this game.

By the way, the last time I have tested my own defenses I have destroyed the gate 2 seconds before the battle clock would have finally stopped. This is a problem of artistry, detailed action, patience and withstanding gutts. Good luck :smile:

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maybe i missunderstood this. but if a player does not do anything for the victory he should get zero and definitely no titan chests. it is already a shame that atm such players get the season rewards if they are not kicked before.

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Yeah I know such players exists in game.
Last season I kicked one such guy who scored zero points in last war before the war ended.
That guy didn’t got his gem rewards for that season but it did cost me position in the team though :sweat_smile:

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Thanks 404multicore, I share your thoughts but not all the warriors can afford these high levels.
I am also in that situation, but what used to be more fun now seems more like an ordeal for some … in my alliance there are warriors with levels 80.90 and 100 and none could fight since all the enemies of the other alliance had level 130 …

I understand you catastroff. You are saying not everyone can “pay to play” to be permanently ready to fight and to fight damn well against guys with 40 levels higher or 50… I share your concerns because without wars won and wars lost there is no fun :smile: and winning is hard when only a few can take down their targets. Willing to fight is one thing, geting victories is another. And when our game depends on the cooperation between pay to play and free play then we should have victories more easy affordable to everyone. To refresh the blood :smile:.

The easiest way would be to bring in the game some alliance factors which can multiply initial stats and bring the victories based on “X” gains…

X gains for the popularity of the game can bring the interest for gameplay back for players at high levels.

But I am not sure if game popularity counts when we have only a few men coding this game and some of them are using autocompilers and autocoders and it all results into lots of messy updates killing some people phones around the game.

Perhaps it counts… but one man who has little time to look in the mirror, little time to look if autocoding went out into a really good update, little time to read or live his own life… so perhaps it counts, but we need to make of this players enhancement factor a ready for input idea… to have it read by the men who decide whats next.

This can save the game entertainment at top levels but it must have “content introduction happy ending :smile:”

Just crying cannot help catastroff :smile:

thank you very much for your support. your way of thinking is the same as mine. I like this game and I fight for it!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clap::+1:

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I play a game (Im drifting away from OR), which the alliance has 30 players, 15 are the “champions” for war. If you win the daily war, champions get 40 points (to use in shop), non-champions get 20 points. That’s 5 days a week, and we are lining up almost the same 15 for a month now.

That’s just one option. It just makes everything else so much better, less stress, less time involved, some prizes for consolation, team work, chose the right people, strategy… I mean I love it. It doesn’t mean we have to do it, but it is a possibility. And if you don’t like it, you move along. Imagine having 10 REALLY good teams in TL, that is what I personally want… the game and wars, are now completely boring… even the matchups with the top3 are predictable, you either win the 1 skull or not, the 2 skull is a stretch, how many will be online, how well fury is managed and so on…