Unfair war in Titan League

This war in Titan League, we are facing the alliance Brazil that only has 9 players with the lowest account ÀCMON2 which is at level 6. It is worth mentioning that few hours before the war, the alliance had 7 players but they filled it with a few dummy accounts right before the war just to stay in the league. These dummy accounts have scored only 84k till now which shows that this alliance is not meant to stay competitive in TL. This will mess with the balance of Titan League. Furthermore, due to their move to screw the balance of the game, we do not have enough targets to fight and most players will probably not get the last titan chest.
Something similar happened when you intervened and removed tang dynasty from the war map and distributed their torches to the other teams in that war. You need to take similar action now place Brazil in league of mortals and give all our players the last chest. This is extremely unfair and strict action should be taken as soon as possible.

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I hope someone hear you before season ends :joy:

That s a shame , when td made that , I complained in the forum , and fg reactioned well as the ss that you posted here

im quite surprised that acmon is doing things like the infamous skorpio and donoo used to do in the past .

I hope fg will fix this in the best way and we will have the joy to see how a texas third team joins titan league…that will help it to be more fair


Sadly, this time around FG did not even acknowledge my complaint. @CaptainMorgan please look into this. This alliance needs to get relegated in order to restore balance to the titan league. You did it before, you must do it now too. This is unfair to the rest of the players in the highest league who have worked hard to get here.

We didn’t lol, Brasil merge, we let them drop out to God League auto, but some fake accounts like that join auto to alliance before war begin few minutes, we forgot to close “auto-join mode”…it’s even not acmon, maybe athena :sweat_smile::joy::joy::rofl:


Let me correct you on this. Brazil was an invite only alliance few hours before the war with 7 players only. Then all of a sudden, 3 accounts joined and it was put on auto join mode. If you are serious about this, then remove 3 players and lock the alliance. I hope you do it but I have my doubts. It was very hard for our players to get the last chest and many failed to get it even

@CaptainMorgan are you going to acknowledge this issue and fix it before it causes more damage? In the past you were quick to respond and take action. Why not now?


So a Titan league team that’s just merged turned off it’s joining requirements “by accident” and lets in a level 5 player so the numbers are sufficient to take part in the war.
No, quite clearly an accident, happens all the time…:thinking::roll_eyes:

We do not take action on such things during a War, partly because it can cause more issues than it solves, but also because removing an opponent during a War means 0 new VP from that opponent for other Alliances.

That said, the same rules apply as before.

@DuyTran91 if you are (or if someone else here is) in contact with the leaders of the :brazil: BRASIL :brazil: Alliance, or the Founder (Marluz), please inform them that they should view the announcement in the forum and either get in contact or resolve the situation.

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I am Marluz,
I am in the Titan League on merit because I won until I got there, so I must lose my torches and leave the Titan League justly as I entered it.
At the beginning of the season the alliance was no longer compatible for the league held by the strength it was in, so it was for FG to demote automatically, but it was not done, so now during the season, if I have enough players for the war Brazil should remain until the end of the season


I understand that it is not ideal to lose your place in the Leagues. The automatic system only takes into account the number of members in an Alliance, and their position in the League.

If the Alliance is competitive and other Alliances are able to be competitive when fighting it, then no further action will be taken, so no problem, for example, at the moment all 8 members have a high enough level to provide attackers with VP.

If it is not competitive, it will be removed from Titan League, for the reasons stated in the announcement. Although you have made your way to this League, it does not mean it is OK to cause problems for others in the league.


for which league will you replace me if it is not compatible with tita league?

Unfortunately, the only option we have is to drop you out of the seeded Leagues.

To be clear, the current member count and levels are ok; they are all high level accounts. As long as the current members are competitive in the War, or if new members join and the Alliance is competitive in the War, you are fine.


ok thanks, she will stay in the league so

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Thank you for your response. The alliance brazil merged with red squadron recently and that’s where all their players are. Secondly, for an alliance to be competitive, one would think that their VP would be equal or close to the VP required for one bonus torch (which was 2.5 million last war) while brazil only managed to score 148k VP all war.
TL is the most competitive league and is host to the most competitive players who have worked hard to get here. Currently GOW is at the top with +11 torches. If brazil is not competitive, they will give their opponents in next war free torches which will negate all the hardwork put in by the other alliances and will subsequently have an effect on the season rankings. So @CaptainMorgan i hope you will make the right call when the time comes.

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regardless of what decisions you take on current situation sir @CaptainMorgan i think we need to revise the rule about being competitive at least in top leagues! as an example last war cccp a strong team lost 2 of possible 3 islands to spatha just playing at 46 vs 50 in titan league so now let’s imagine what does it mean to say a team with 8 memebers are competitive in this league! there needs to be a minimum of something like 25-30 at least the very least. just for future references.

as a side note on this current matter brasil has moved their players elsewhere by choice so unlike what the owner claims they didn’t come to titan in same condition they came to this league in full playing conditions and now moved elsewhere and alliance is not competitive by any means and was emptied as the above post screen shot suggests.


Well GOW doesn’t won 11 tourches honestly they cheadted in the same way what they accused CCCP for helping NOVA to win free islands and GOW AND Eliteglagiatori did same this war gladiatori gave their all tourches to GOW for free without fighting so that GOW can win season Raisler zape is general of elitegladiatori.

@CaptainMorgan i hope you can see double standards of GOW.

@Shivaravi GOW was just an example. I gave that example because currently they are at the top of the league. I am not going into the debate of cartels and such and for your information, I am an officer in inglorious basterds and have nothing to do with GOW or any other alliance in TL. All alliances in TL will be affected by the presence of brazil in TL. I did notice that TBF fatau also joined brazil recently. Kinda weird, don’t you think so?

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I didn’t said anything against you in that post or your alliance , i just can’t accept things like this where people of that alliance started whining for that free islands when others do but when they do all is good ! Great !

And again i am not questioning you my question was for @CaptainMorgan thats why i tagged him only, because he said something for this type of March fixings , like its pros and cons.

Elite Gladiatori attacked GOW 5 skull , why ?
This clearly showing they had confered free islands and why not if a player in GOW is general of eliteglad…

And about tbf fatau , he asked me to go down in league because his heroes has become weak and he can’t give his best to the team so i asked him to join Brasil so that if TX will get Brasil in any further wars then atleast we can get 10 high lvl accounts to drop furies and gain VP. As you can see there was already 9 high lvl players in that alliance now so that alliance can’t be demoted to lower league unless season ends. So i just tried to balance things you should also send players there if they are not of your use.

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I think it would be better for everyone in TL if brazil gets relegated. Therefore, sending semi active accounts there would be counterproductive

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