Unfair War

“Sudden Skrimish” FG it’s unfair. Battle per player was 12 before now it’s only 6, why?

Plus they changed the position of War Boosts…

Now there is another server maintenance :confused: idk what is happening to the game

I think they don’t know neither them Ahahah

They just increased the skull bonus from 3% to 7%.

What is the point of increasing the skulls bonus? I don’t really get it. I can see the point of less battles. Who cares about the number of skulls. 2% 3% it doesn’t matter.

Skull bonus can change the outcome of the battle on many occasions :slight_smile:

Still I can kiss good bye legendary chest good bye for this season…

Yep, in those 6 attack you have to be sure to complete at 100% the base.

They changed the position of the war boosts? I thought it was still the same.

Yup, if I play using champion against players of about 900 skulls I will get only 4.5k skulls out of my 16 attacks. Its safe to say that most of us will win much less chest than before.