Unfair with bonus recharge fury after lost strike

@CaptainMorgan 2 alliances are similar power, but the stronger alliance finally lost because recharge bonus… in war 2 days lost 1 torch , it mean decrease 10% recharge fury , it mean that they get 3 furies each player … 4500 vps for 3 furies x 50 players = 225.000 vps.
So which this system ! The strong alliance is losing weak alliance
—> we don’t like it, why do you give us this.
Some alliances even could win 2 or 3 torches, but finally win 1 because this thing.
It affect to the results of war season
hope you consider to fix it or remove it


Yes for example last war 1vs1 TX was against RS and RS is slightly better than TX right now they would have won on VP but because of this RS lost the war on VP. I am general of TX.


Yup, the concept of bonus fury recharge is an incomplete one. It should not come into play in an 1 vs 1 wars like 2nd and 4th wars in a season.

In the 1st and the 3rd war also it should come into play only when an alliance gets atked from both the sides and I also doubt if there are certain mechanics in the game that could implement my above stated conditions for bonus fury recharge.

@CaptainMorgan please look into this issue once.



And Funny that if 2 alliances end season with same torches, but the weaker alliance win the strong alliance because they’re higher vps by got a lot of vps from recharge fury bonus… where is the fair?


We don’t need it, please remove this bonus

Remove this bonus!

The fury bonus works very well in the 3rd war and probably also in war 1.
The other posters are right, it makes no sense in war 2 and 4


Faster fury regeneration works really well. It will help alliances that are getting gangbanged. I believe this is a very good change and should remain intact. However, in wars 2&4, it is not needed as there is no possibility of a 2vs1

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