Unfairly penalised

Why is it that diamond league players are unfairly treated in regards to gem rewards.


due to being an active gamer I won each league consecutively. I think it was 75 gems for winning one league then 125 gems for the next before getting into diamond.


now I’m stuck in the middle of diamond earning 8 or sometimes 36 gems every 4 days or so. 

I can stop attacking altogether and try and drop a league or two but that just seriously slows my game progression rate. 


You can come 8th in diamond league and get 8 gems but could win with the same amount of trophies in the league below and get over a hundred. 


Its not fair or balanced at all and does not encourage gamers to play regularly. 

the position between 6 to 9 are the one who suffers the most because they get the same amount of pearls which the bottom players get. So I suggest the increase in gems value for the 6th to 9thbpositioned players.