UnfIair Raffles

Guys are u in search of gems?

Have you ever won a raffle ?

Do you think they are unfair ?

This is the desired place to discuss your opinion




my opinion-

i have won once yes!!! but what about you guyz? i wold even like to win again… there are many old players in the game . people rarely get gems from the raffles . just check out how many raffles (some one ) has won . Guyz raise your voice 

second opinion-

we shall have more raffles (even small ones can be good 50 gems or so )

third opinion-

new ingame competitions shall be introduced somwhat a internel thing no fb / forum …  

fourth opinion-

make the raffle system transparent



    Guys please comment !!!



To decide the winner, I use random.org and use the number of the post, so it is not favoritism towards a player, especially since I don’t even have direct contact with the players who won…

Still there can be small scale raffles inside the game aswelll thanks for your reply  . read the rest opinions-__-

Hmm pranshu buddy its just my luck nthg else bro u should nt be posting this and eliminating my chances to win in future



I can only set up raffles on the forums, I am not able to do anything ingame :confused:

more raffles even small ones like 10 gems 50 gems etc u guyz are continiously introducing rubbish updates and a usefull raffle update can be brought into sight also what fiinami’s post says can also be introduced in it (protection of top players)

I want to ask aether does pranshu’s post here and on fb will effect my chances of winning raffle in negative way ??? Plz respond thanq

No, the chances of winning are not decided by me, as I used a webpage for this.

all we can do vice is just to deal with it and just hope we get lucky enough to win

I’ve won 2 raffles so far… I count myself lucky. However, other people, like Darkerion, have won about 5. So I am one of the lucky few - but there are others still more lucky than I

Yeah and the lottery is unfair also… I never won lottery… Other people win, but not me…

I blame it on the aliens, they control all the random generators

I once won a random prize on a forum event, but nothing else. There’s nothing we can do, if we don’t win it’s ok, if you don’t like it then you’ll have to deal with it.


If you don t like it , you can always join the Nuns…light a candle, and cry to mother superior

Well, everyone is free to do  what they want, but I think joining the nuns wouldn’t work if we’re talking about a man, does it?  :stuck_out_tongue:

The Nuns alliance is very liberal minded…

Instead of awarding 1st, 2nd & 3rd place to the group with the highest point total why not select 1 person out of each of the 3 groups with the highest point totals.


The group with the highest amount of points for 1st place for example (10 points) one person is selected randomly for 1st place, the next group has say 8 points and a person is randomly chosen for 2nd place. And finally pick a person randomly for 3rd place from the 3rd group with the highest point total.

Hey , at least you won a random event . I got none lol


This is doable, if players prefer it this way (majority). :grinning:

Change ur website then…its been almost 2 years…i havent won once…rate my base series is longer there…maybe u should do raffles amongst allies its better to decides b/w individuals coz there r more than 300k player so its already unfair plus the likes nd share on ur FB page goes upto 1.5k so its possible the same player win again nd again…its better when u say post ur ally name nd each ally member wins 100-200 gems each…divide the 3X3000 rewards into the no. of the players in the winning ally so it stays more fare nd legit nd equally likely for more players to win…nd if u encounter a situation when an individual or particular ally win the raffle again just pick the name again coz its not much fair the same player win frequently make a gap b/w consecutive win of the same player…THANKS…!!