Unforging Gear/Towers/Spells/Troops

Sometimes you spend pearls upgrading something that becomes obsolete. It would be nice to be able to extract some pearl value from those wasted forges.

Since it usually takes 2 tries to forge anything, if we would just get back half of what it cost us in pearls to forge the item/troop/item/spell.


Example: Lightning tower with 20 forges that I don’t use anymore. Unforge option would give me back half of what I spent in pearls on the item and bring the forges back to 0. Even a 25% pearl return rate would be reasonable. So if it cost around 10,000 pearls to get to 20 forges on that lightning tower, maybe get 5,000 pearls back? or 2,500? and it would become a normal unforged lightning tower.


This is just an example, whatever would be easiest to implement would be fine, but I think it’s a good idea. It’s more of a late game thing, but many would be interested I think.

I don’t think making unforge or getting used pearls back is anyway possible. Still if flare tries to implement it then it will make game even worse for newer players and the gap between old veteran player and a new player will increase even more.

Flare releases new spell ,troop n tower which are new , powerful and must have so top players changes their bases and transfer forges from their unused towers like (extra arrow gargoyle frost etc) and they become immediately powerful with new base. And low players will face all the hardships and can never make it to top.

One thing flare can do is implementing monthly or quarterly balance changes. So no one will feel his forge went waste ?. Also things will not become obselete. It will bring new ways to game. More diversity and more fun.


No, you still can only forge every 7 days. And you would be losings 50-75% of the pearls you invested in that previous thing.

You aren’t transferring forges, you are just reclaiming some of the pearls.