Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

Someone has to have some by now. 
Please share some stats & videos.

Will be presented after pro end. Every 10000 is 1 level

I was hoping it became available when the 10000 was earned


I found this one. The quality sucks tho.


Not! We have 30000 now and nothing

How did he get all pro boosts? 

This will be activated after the end of this league till the end of next league so may be he is hacker or dev alliance

Good question. He isn’t a developer cause a Developer’s boosts go on for 1354623d (see Flothaboss videos). This guy had to have hacked the game

PLUS!! Extra evidence the he (or she) is a hacker! Look at the Academy and the Gold Storage. They are not at the level they should be when your TR is at level 10, which is the requirement for being in a Pro League. He can’t have gotten these without hacking

This may just be a false accusation, but look at current #1 in pro league. 1,891, in the lead by far, yet level 62, 1,100 trophies, and he has throne room level 10??? And also the experience of attacking with vikings, juggernauts and monks and winning?? 

His defense consists of knights and frosters; i mean, this may be the clue. Check this out flare.

Throne rooms don’t impact pro play.

I guess the level of difficulty is same in proleague. 


You need Throne Room Level 10 to participate in Pro League :grinning:

I understand that. But he was saying a level 10 player should not do that well in pro. 

Don’t you find his conclusions odd then?

To perform so well while still being relative low in level and questional defences?

I don’t find it odd, but I don’t find it persuasive. In fact, it’s possible someone used to playing with lower level troops and spells may do better in a pro league.  I know I regularly make mistakes on pro that wouldn’t have any impact on me in raids using my weakest gear.  Someone not used to high-powered gear and spells and king might not make such mistakes.

I know it is perfectly possible as you explained, but in general higher level players are more familiar with units & game techniques.

It’s not impossible, but it remains odd. Did you at level 62 know the true powers and weaknesses of all towers and units already? I know I didn’t…

Which was a change made solely to prevent people from gathering Pro League tickets as soon as they started the game, and to prevent them from participating in the league as soon as from level 1.

It’s obviously some dudes 2nd account but flare allows this, why else allow us to donate pro tickets lol

I meant throne room to be level 10, while the level is 62.

Again, i said it could have been purely speculation, but certainly when i was level 62, i didn’t have throne room level 2, nor experience with vikings, monks and juggernauts. He also has a rather questionable defense for throne room 10.