Uniqe forge bug


i am level 128, and i got a uniqe item i got many levels ago…

when i want to forge it the level of the item doesnt fit the actual level i am(i saw someone that is in lower level got above 2K and i got only 1197…)

can you please fix it?

Thanks, Tom.


As Morgan mentioned once in a similar thread: Unique items DO vary based on their base stats, so some are naturally better than the others. This means that even when you forge it, you will get lower overall stats, which is probably what you are seeing now. If that lower level guy you are talking about had the same base stats as your item here, then something is clearly wrong and you will have to go to techs support. Else it is not a bug, but a feature. Hope this helps.

There are HUGE swings in the power of some uniques vs others. The Aegean thread item got majorly buffed sometime after release (I remember the thread where Nathalie brought to attention the lack of power originally).  Likewise, more recently acquired Potency items ( great shield, Helen and Athena’s wings) got a major buff, while the two cooldown uniques got a 40% nerf. 

You just have a crappy old unique where the new ones are better. 

But more to the point, that unique REALLY sucks. I have cursed items with almost as much leadership, and I’m lower level.


regular cursed item I got when I was like level 124. Not a bugged cursed item. 


brand new cursed item I got at either 127 or 126. It will be better than your unique when it’s titan quality. 

There are slight variation in the base stats of uniques if they are acquired on the same version of OR. There are HUGE variations in the base stats of uniques from older versions to more recent versions. Some are way better, some are way worse.

It’s neither a bug, nor a feature.

you are wrong, and dumpster right.

this is a version problem(no backward compatibility is not a feature, it is a bug)

the reason is that i got this unique in old version.

unique items are not based on base stats, they are based solely on level…

hench to that there is a bug in this item - and ill be very thankful if the devs could fix it.

It’s not really a bug, per se. The items are operating as they were designed when they were acquired. It’s just that either the base stats (within a range) of several uniques have been adjusted, or the perks themselves have been adjusted. I tend to think it’s the latter. 

I may be wrong for this particular case, not denying that… But in case someone with a slightly different problem wonders in this topic, your information isnt up to date either. Check the topic for pictures which are almost exactly matching your case, some people mentioning stats being 1k or so lower than that of their allies.

It depends on the perk. 1k lower for leadership is almost 50% lower, while for demolition chance its in the single digits. 

in this case, it is 1k diffrence… 50% is not slightly