_ Hello everyone. _

_      I like to take this initiative and reveal as much as I can and unraveled some of the mistery surrounding this unique rare items. _

_      Bare in mind that most of what I post here are not mine, I make this videos from what my alliance members discover, and of coarse you can add what you have uncovered as well, even send me links or videos to edit and post here. _

_     So here is what I have to offer so far. Later I will edit more in. _ _ The stats are related to the ascension level of the player and may vary. _

    Here is a complete list of all Unique items before the 3.3 update

  1. _ Hercules:       Nemean Claws         _
  2. _ Prometheus: Fire Bringer      _
  3. _ Perseus:        Mirror Shield             _
  4. _ Ariadne:        Aegean Thread          _
  5. _ Odysseus:    Bow of Odysseus  _
  6. _ Helen:           Gemini                            _
  7. _ Cadmus:      Curse of Ares            _
  8. _ Achilles:      Shield of Achilles      _
  9. _ Jason:         Golden Fleece              _
  10. _ Athena:       Medusa’s Head            _
  11. _ Ajax:           Great Shield of Ajax       _
  12. _ All:              Apple of Discord   _










_   _


_ The complete list for unique items after the 3.3 update _

  1. _ Helen:           Nemesis        _
  2. _ Perseus :    __    Talaria    _
  3. _ Hercules:      Erymanthian _ _ Jaws   _
  4. _ Athena:         Victory _
  5. _ Odysseus:    Scylla & Charybdis _
  6. _ Ariadne:        Asterion _
  7. _ Cadmus:       Dragon Scale _
  8. _ Ajax:              Madness of Ajax _
  9. _ Prometheus: Prometheus`Torment _
  10. _ Artemis :       Cyclopean Bow _
  11. _ Jason:.          Cadaver of Talos _
  12. _ Achilles:        Theti`s Gift _













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Nemean’s Claws


Do you know what is the probability to get a unique item? How many Titan chests do you have to open to get one?

Also, I think there are twelve unique items, one for each of the eleven heroes. So the twelfth one is a ring/brooch/bracelet?

Your grandkids will play agaist you when you open your first…


Lol, my young kid (he’s 8 yo) likes OR too, but he prefers playing RR2. He says colorsets in RR2 are free!?

Oh, can we say the Apple of Discord will mathematically be the  rarest  among the unique items?

How massive is the damage, compared to Ajax’s Charge and Shield Slam?


I would like to know if any of the “savvy players” was able to get unique items through invitation codes?

It’s to compare their probability with the gem-purchased Titan chests and those won in Wars.


This is a nice item 

,Bane of Ares" - Cadmus

Thanks for sharing. It looks exactly as I thought, more pine tree than dragon scale!

Hope I can get it before Xmas.

It would be nice if the unique items stats increased as your ascension lvl increases. The items are cool but your hero can easily out grow it to the point where it may be more beneficial to replace it with a godlike item. Just a thought for the developers. If the items are truly “unique” let them increase in stats unlike every other item so they don’t become worthless as we progress in the game.

Found this pic of the Apple of Discord as some asked, and the unique shield of Ajax in action


Some players like @Gammal and @AwesomeDoud have cool videos showing Ajax’s prowess, but this one with Alysea’s Ajax is way too powerful! Too bad there’s no epic battle between him and Perseus with Mirror Shield at the end. Thanks for sharing!

Question for the devs, @Chris or @CaptainMorgan, is it possible for a Hero equipped with two unique items (including the Apple of Discord of course) to beat the Defender Perseus with his Mirror Shield?

ps. @Mani, is Alysea still alive and playing?

In short term, I don’t think the devs will do it (as Chris mentioned below), but you never know.


_ That bugged mirror shield for Perseus has been fixed, no one can challenge Ajax now… or mabye just Hades… on soul steroids _

You’re right, the devs fixed it. I found a vid. Ajax is the Greatest!


And another item

Can Prometheus reach Nyx tower with it?

@Tomaxo too bad that it don’t affect Nyx tower still not reachable with Prometheus