I think you didn’t add Jason’s second Unique, Cadaver of Talos, to your list yet as you’re waiting for the official English name.

Here you go, courtesy of @HOLYDIVINE (congrats!):

And Achilles’ second Unique is Thetis’ Gift. The pic is on page 3.

I have been playing for nearly 2 years and I have a total of 4 unique items. I got my first unique (Aegean Thread) about 4 months in at level 50. 1 year of playing, I picked up an Apple of discord around level 90. Not soon after, I picked up another Aegean Thread. I was about level 110 and over a year of playing when I got my favorite unique item, Victory, for my favorite hero, Athena. I use Apple and Victory on Athena and wreck havoc. I like Aegean Thread but Ariadne is glass. Here ability is super op but her resistance leaves her dead without a large army. She is a snowball hero and is very reliant on her army to win battles. I’ve been thinking about changing one of the Aegean Threads, but it is very expensive so I’m stuck with it.

Don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to play the game as you like, but if you are playing for 1 year and reaching level 50, or 2 years and level 118, it only means you are not playing as intensively to gather titan chests and for that matter uniques.

Let me put it in perspective for you. I have an account which is level 100 just recently, I low play it (I don’t plan to level it to max) so I mostly do defense upgrades which do not level me up a lot. I have been playing perhaps a little over 6 months, and I have 7 uniques. For more comparison, I try to get at least one titan from Odyssey and war each week, and trust me it’s pretty damn hard playing that much time on that account…

Of course luck does matter, but more importantly the amount of chests you open (and how frequent you do that) will explain the time span you are referring to.