Unique item values

The first bow I got a few levels back. Improved immediately and did not improve.
Second bow I just received

the first bow

the second bow

This means that unique things are better to improve each new level? Or does this mean that the new values have become smaller ?

There seems a greater range of stats now for uniques, but they are way lower than they used to be despite some suggesting otherwise - with new uniques and given you are lvl 128 - the top end for you would be 76k…the bow isn’t bad, but not the greatest either. I am lvl127 this is mine - (my uniques have got slowly better stats as all the duplicates I’ve gotten, I always swap the worse one and I’ve had about 3 Odyseus bows now. The example below at your lvl will be almost identical to your better one.

Ive recently gone from lvl 126 to 127 and didnt really notice any drop in my stats, so haven’t bothered forging anything. The consensus I’ve heard recently is that as you approach lvl130 the perk power increases disproportionately, so it’s easier to get a higher % for your stats.

You get a unique item at a higher level and it turns out to be worse than the old one. And even after forging can not get better …

Yeah it doesn’t matter at what lvl you receive your unique at, it’s just there’s about 10% range in stats.  For example I have a very good apple, but terrible Athena wings.  As you lvl up you will match the unique to your lvl.  The higher your lvl has no bearing on the quality of the uniques.  Only real difference is if you have 1st generation uniques that have about 20% higher stats than we can get today, not sure if you were playing then but I certainly wasn’t.

They’re almost identical. One has slightly more leadership (about 1%), the other has slightly more potency (about 4%). What’s even the question?

I level up. I lose % of every value. But at the same time I can get the best thing to compensate for the loss. I’m actually getting the worst, useless thing.

And the question is. Improving the unique thing each level values will be better than if we improve let’s say once in three levels ?

I don’t upgrade every level unless it’s an emergency. Every 3 or 4 levels is fine. 

Why you always get defensive when somebody talk about first generation unique items. Don’t tell me you are afraid developers might nerf those too?

We all know how strong and powerful they are.

Two of my friends have them too.The values of those unique items are off the chart.

Defensive because, his/her team members will quit the game when toys are taken back…