Unique Item %

What’s the base probability of finding a unique item in a titan chest? By what % does it increase each time you don’t find one?

For sea titan chests, what’s the base % and what’s the % by which it increases each time you don’t find a unique item?

@Madlen can provide that info but it’s smth like 0.xx%, however Madlen I would like to suggest smth regarding uniques. 

If we are supposed to get a new unique from normal titan chests (let’s say after opening 10 titan chests) but we break a cursed chest, those odds go to 0%. Can we have cursed chest outside this % system? So those odds won’t go back to 0%? Also please reduce the gold cost, 10mil are a bit too much for all of us that are not on max level yet.


You have a 1% chance in each regular Titan chest and a 3% chance in Titan sea chests. The probability stacks until you find a unique. 

So does that mean for a regular titan chest it’s 1% for the first chest, 2% for the second chest, 3% for the 3rd chest until you find a unique item whereby it resets to 1%?

For sea titan chests, does that mean it’s 3% for the first chest, 6% for the second chest, 9% for the third chest, etc until you find a unique item whereby it resets to 3%?

Kinda. The two types of chests work together, though. You only have one % chance of finding a unique each time you open a titan chest (of either kind), which is modified by how many of each type of chest you open.  When you find a unique it resets for both types of chest. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if this system is modified soon, though. CM hinted that they were unhappy with it earlier this summer. 

So first normal titan chest = 1%

Second chest opened is sea titan chest so that makes it 4% (1% from before + 3%).

Third chest is normal titan so that makes it 5% (4% from before + 1%).


I don’t think it stacks it that way, unless they changed the %.   Last time I heard the % from normal chest was 2% and titan sea chest 3%.  Upon unsuccessful opening a normal chest adds 0.2% chance and sea chest 0.4%.  Would be nice of it was that high %.

OMG - that’s complicated. ?

Just stack as many normal chests as you can and then when you gain sea chests (oddessy) open the sea chests first - that will help your probability all things being equal.

Ways to get unique items:

  1. not caring about unique items. The less you care about them, the more you’re going to get.

  2. causing huge drama and fights in your alliance and being a general PITA. those guys get tons of uniques.

  3. deciding you’re going to quit after one last war/odyssey/whatever.


Ways to make sure you almost never get unique items:

  1. really, really, really wanting them. Particularly if you really want a very specific one.

  2. counting uniques. Never count your uniques.

  3. counting other players’ uniques. NEVER EVER count other players uniques.

  4. making posts on the forums about uniques.

There are several things you can do to help you get more uniques:

  1. Participate in wars - and win 3 titans chests or 2 where possible (this means bringing at least 2 lvl 20 heroes and maybe a lvl 19 or better- (so 3 heroes). If you fight in   league that’s too hard for your attack ability you will suffer and not gain as many titan chests thus decreasing your chances significantly of finding uniques.

  2. Get celestial boost lvl30.  Used to be lvl 29, so now you need 210k prestige for this - so this point is quite expensive and time consuming.

  3. Always have 10 daily linked players to gain a titan point each day from them.

  4. Get higher league placement top 1000 players get an extra +1 titan point.  Top 100 get +3 or something more maybe…

  5. Every ascension lvl at lvl 100+ gains a titan chest. I’ve had uniques in those.

  6. Lvl up harbour to max (lvl 8  ) and do 3x 6 diff + 2 x7 diff with honoured hero, won’t cost a fortune but gives 2 sea chests a week. Open these before other chests as stated.

  7. The more cursed unique chests you open, the longer it will take you to find more NEW uniques- as a cursed unique chest upon opening resets your titan chest probability to 0% additional. 

I’ve found 12 in 10 months doing the above - and I went a long, long time having only found 1-2. 



You found it! I was looking for that. I wish the update titles were more descriptive.

Or that the FAQ was updated.

HI Neptune,

I think its better if you post it in the suggestions forum :slight_smile:

Hi dumpster,

where is that FAQ? Then I can update it. Thanks!

It’s in the support and help forum. There was a push to update some of it last year or earlier this year, but there’s a lot of info that’s out of date still, and much more that’s not covered at all. 

@Infamous has done quite a bit of prep work on an faq overhaul, as well as others probably. 

I’m happy to help out as well, pm me if you can use another pair of hands. 

Yeah, the FAQ needs a MAJOR overhaul and we have some of it processed, which I am happy to share. Yet what I have is incomplete and requires quite a bit of work still.

Okay, I will put it on my looooooooooonggggggggggggg to-do list :wink: