Unique items DUPLICATION


i know you are currently dealing with bigger issues, but not sure if it is just me, but last 3 uniques (incl. Cursed Forge item) have ALL been Helen’s Gemini boots

Not sure how you work out your sums, algorithms etc, but I last read that chances of duplication is reduced.

i don’t know how getting 3 of the same (out of the 4 pair I now have) means reduced. Not a math expert here, but smart enough to that probability doesn’t lean towards reduced.

Of course I can reforge them but your system should be a little smarter than to churn out constant duplicates. I’m not saying whatsoever that each unique should be different … ‘not at all’, but the way you have a percentage on number of chests produce a unique, there must be also a way to alter the percentage for dups





I agree - it’s making uniques a waste of time.  I have had 3 duplicates once (just go the 3rd) and 2 duplicates another time- and despite climbing ascension level worse stats than before.

And as I have posted elsewhere the process of “transforming” them via the cursed uniques process is a complete sham (still unfixed)

Dear Flare - when you introduce a good new system please try and get it right and stop nerfing things we work hard to win - it seriously detracts from Game enjoyment

Please take note @CaptainMorgan