Unique Items of Artemis

Does Artemis have unique items?

I can find out what the other heroes can have - just can’t find anything for her.

She just has one. Cape with potency like Oddy, Helen, Athena.

yes, like dumpster said. but even it is in the cape section, it is called “cyclops bow” (or similar) and looks like this:


Wow, you possess every single Unique except the Cyclopean Bow?

No - I did some searching on the OR wiki. I now have five unique items. Cadmus’ Curse of Ares, Ariadne’s boots, both of Ajax’s items and Jason’s cadaver of Talos. Got Cadmus’ unique item twice so cursed one and got a different unique. 

The OR wiki doesn’t list any items for Artemis which is why I asked.

Ah ok, I thought you were so lucky.  :grinning:

Yeah, it’s a pity the wiki is not really maintained anymore.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Here’s the complete list:


I’ve made some minor changes to it. Don’t really have the skills or access to do much more. It’s a great resource.