Unique Items

Okay - so I’m questioning just how well shared these are.

I’ve been playing for ages - never seen one - all the senior players in my team (I’m the general, win the most points and chests) and some newbies have had multiple unique items - mostly two or three but one as many as seven.

Is there a trick? Do you guys hate me? or am I just very unlucky and your algorithm is poorly designed enough to cause this unfairness.

Sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Same situation

Titan sea chests have the best chance to have them, but even then it’s very small. 

@dumpster sigh - so the universe and the game hates me - because you can see that it is not really good when some can get 6 or 7 from “a small chance” of a drop and others get zilch :slightly_frowning_face:

That tells me the algorithm probably really is random - maybe that should be changed a little. I suggest to get a tiny increase in the chance each time you open a Titan and that probability increase resets to zero when you do get one

@Chris has never found one either, poor guy. Thanks for the suggestion about the chance increase though, we are discussing various similar measures.

I have opened more chests that I can count - routinely get 2 Sea Titans and all the War Titans.

Seriously - you need to do something.  On the one hand you talk about keeping the game in balance (e.g. by severely limiting mastery improvements) - on the other hand you allow a situation where some people get get as many as 10 unique items (one of my members) and others - like me. None

One of my members (so glad he is on my team) has used forging with unique items to get Potency and Damage reflection bonuses of between 28 and 52% for ALL of his heroes - he is unstoppable.  I am glad for him but honestly it’s a distortion in the game

All Titan chests have a chance of having a unique, including the daily chests and the ones you get from Ajax points. 

When the change rate uniq item? @CaptainMorgan

@dumpster Yes I know all chests have a chance of a unique - that’s irrelevant to my point.

My point is that all unique items are beneficial and some unique items confer SIGNIFICANT advantages. That’s fine - but allowing that to be random actually distorts the game.  To be fair you need to allow for the drops to be more evenly distributed. It’s not when some players can have 7 or even 10 uniques and others none 

Just like you can get a run of heads you can can get a not insignificant number of players who get MANY and likewise a not insignificant number of players who get NONE. That difference can be magnified by forging (perfectly reasonable for those to get uniques to boost them).

I hope @CaptainMorgandoes indeed take my suggestion seriously - believe me most players would be a lot happier. Increase slightly from the base chance the chance of getting a unique each time you open a Titan.  Such increase to be cumulative for each Titan opened but the increase above the base to be reset to zero when one is found. This would be algorthimically easy to implement and would see a much better distribution of drops

@MarcusozInception we will indeed implement something along those lines, with the next version.

Other readers on this forum may not, and I wanted to provide information to everyone.

I would like to know… Players who found multiple Uniques, did you get many from the Birthday Celebration back in June?


I thought @Chris had the Mirror Shield… :grinning: https://www.youtube.com/embed/BztUf1FAYUo?feature=oembed


He also doesn’t have 92k Gems, or over 200% total enhancments. :grinning:

That’s an account on our development environment. It also has Talaria.

So, Chris hacked into your development server, robbed the gems bank, from the speed of the fight in video used speed hacks as well, and stole all the uniques - and that’s why we are getting so little in our titans now ?

That man must be caught and stopped! ^^

He’s certainly a menace.

Still a barren unique item desert for me - my team members continue to rake them in (more multiples) and all I get from my many titan chests are items usually lower (maybe one exception a week from 5 titans earned) than what I have or cursed items which when broken prove a disappointment.

I don’t know what algorithmic changes you have made but they continue to disappoint here - sigh.  Really takes away from the game enjoyment when you fight hard for rewards that are poor

for me with version 3.8 nothing has changed, I continue to find disgusting objects.
in my alliance 3 members who do not buy gems have found unique objects.
I wonder why I have to keep spending money to find shit
The game has just proposed the package for Prometeo to 595 gems, I have already thrown over 4000 for and I found shit, I do not want to throw other gems in exchange for rubbish as the gems I buy with the money I earn going to work and, as they do not give me money in exchange for shit, I do not want to give money in exchange for shit

P.S. I think the announcement that the chances of finding unique items would have increased was just an announcement / joke

@MarcusozInception  The curse items are more disappointing when they are ordinary items ? …

uniques are no where to be found yet don’t think the change of getting them is increased ?.. 

@vasudeva1 i guess next time I have to open the chests using my toe ??or nose …Open chest in unique way to get unique item…