Unique items

What happens to the rates of unique items amount is; Since I started this game I have won only one item from boxes, please devs give a little to it!

Hi MrCouPer !

You are lucky to have got at least one unique item.I have been playing this game for the past 4 months and spend at least four hours a day and have opened 48 different types of titan chest be it sea chests,item chests or whatever names developers have given them but still haven’t found any single unique items.So,I think developers really don’t care to fix this issue in the game.If I recall correctly many players on the forum have also complained about the same feature.why in the name of the God,Developers make it impossible for player to win unique items.In Alliance wars you fight so many battles to win the Titan chests and always have to search for new players and share your Titan codes with them.So that they will use it to unlock your Titan chest and to make matter worse every player is allowed to enter one code.This is not Fair. Flare games do you hate your players. Atleast give a fair chance for your players to win these unique items. 

I have no faith in them.

This was changed in the most recent version. Now you progressively get better odds to find a unique item as you open titan chests.


well thanks for the info Dumpster,today opened a titan chest and still no luck finding any unique item. 

 I really consider myself unlucky with regards to unique items ,for me they just do not exist but I can see other players wearing unique items.

That’s not how it works!

Hi Dumpstar,

Can you please tell me how to farm unique items.I know it is possible to farm gems,prestige points and other resource in the game.last month,I saw one of my friend who opened his first titan chest and he received Nemean Claws.While I am still waiting patiently for my first unique item.sometimes I wonder maybe there something wrong with my account and should start playing a new account.I know every Titan chest has a probability of 1 % of dropping a unique item,while a Titan Sea Chest has a probability of 3%.I am hoping against hope Developers might improve this in upcoming updates.I am not trying sound pessimist but every time I open a titan chest and when I do not find any unique items,I feel little disappointed. 

They have just implemented a mechanism to increase your chances with every titan chest unlocked, so just keep doing it and you will benefit. Over almost 3 month of me playing the game, I have found 3 unique items, so it is extremely random. You never know when it is going to be your day

There’s no way to farm them, it’s dumb luck that (as of 2 weeks ago) gets progressively less dumb with every titan chest you open. I don’t have access to the actual code, but I would imagine that you never have a 100% chance to get a unique item, but if you open enough chests (and I mean like 50 chests, not 1, starting after the last update) at some point the odds of getting a unique become overwhelming. So open 49 more titan chests, please. Or at least more than one. Try 15, and then come back. Because if everyone got a unique item after opening 1 chest, they wouldn’t be very unique anymore, would they? They’ve already been nerfed to high heaven, making them a lot less exciting than they used to be.

Hey Dumpster,

Thanks a lot for this new info,now I can finally play the game and hope that I might win some Unique items.

Hi Infamous,

Thank you for being so encouraging and so positive. You are a blessing.

I can now focus on my game.

Hello my friends I am Alberto Commando in the game and Alberto Real life. Thank you for all the effort to improve the game. Once again I try to help with some improvements. This time it is about the special items. I have been playing since the items got first released and I never got any. Many players complain about the same issue, and that it is unfair that some benefit from them and some others not. 
With the forge we cannot get these special perks such as damage reflection. It would be good to have a way to combine the titan items in the last level of forging so we can have some special items. It would be fairer, and you can also increase the chances for the special items to drop from the titan chests. Everyone would be happy and it would be great for all. Thank you.

Hi Alberto, 

what you suggested in your post regarding getting unique items is a very good idea.Instead of using five star titan items to upgrade a unique item for every ascension level,we can have a system where A five star unique item can be upgraded to a Random unique item per ascension level.In this way players who are unfortunate not to receive any Unique items so far will have a chance to get a unique item.I Hope Captain Morgan and Chris are reading this post.