Unique Items

So, the new mechanism for reforming unique items is a good idea. What wrecks or is that Unique items aren’t… unique. Spending 10 million gold and doing a quest that takes two weeks to get a copy of a unique you already have is really annoying and makes what could be a positive for the game into one more pointless grind. PLEASE MAKE UNIQUE ITEMS UNIQUE. NO DUPLICATES.

They’re not all the same, though. Some can be much better than others, so even if you re-roll and get a duplicate, if it’s one of the useful ones and it’s an improvement on the old one you had, that’s better than before, and you can re-roll the other one at that point. 

10mil gold and 2k gems to speed it up or two weeks to complete it. I would much rather have no duplicates untill you are maxed on uniques (if ever), the cost is too high to be happy with swapping Ariadne sandals for Perseus sandals (The usefulness of noth id questionable at best)

you can get 10 mil gold in a few hours though. It’s not that much. The gems are optional.

Remember upgrades, odyssey, other forging, etc. Not that much for maxed players, quite much for not maxed players (Very much for low levels)

True, but even old fashioned upgrading uniques is something that’s *by design* difficult for lower level players to do. It’s not an accident, it’s supposed to be that way.

Duplicate = not unique. Unique means one if a kind. There are enough really crap “Unique” items without duplicating them. Also, the 10 million is the easy part. The quests take around 2 weeks though and require a 5 star Titan so not exactly an easy option.

I think the two weeks is an ESSENTIAL part of the equation.

Otherwise you’ll get players that can play for a ton of gold every day cycling through uniques at a huge rate to get the set that they’re after.

Well one of my teammate now have three Cadmus unique shield.Poor guy raided 500 islands in 3 days  :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:  only find Cadmus shield for a Cadmus shield from the cursed unique chest.


He comes regularly to forum too. :wink: :wink: :wink:  I won’t mention his IGN .