Unique Items

I’ve read the wiki and other sites to try and explain what Granny is talking about when she mentions moon power and unique items.

Does anyone know whether there are unique items and when/how to get them offered?

Or is this a bit of future-proofing expansion to come sort of stuff?

Oh…lol…There is nothing to believe on what granny or other npc (girl queen) say because are only set phrases or proverbs and nothing more, you could check her sentences also long time ago to see that were the same things.


Here you can check most of the sentences that Granny say: http://royalrevoltaddicts.blogspot.it/2015/05/what-does-granny-say.htmland in fact there is the phrase of the moon power and unique items that you mentioned. And the post is refering at 5 May 2015 (so long time ago).

I hope to have been a help to you ^^