Unique to the happy

how many titans do you have to open to make it unique? in two days I opened 10 titanium boxes, 4 from the war, 3 for challenges and 3 I bought or maybe I am not lucky?

A few hundred will guarantee you one. 10 isn’t enough. But less than 100 if you’re lucky.

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It would be nice to see published odds for each titan chest type. The final war chest and the titan sea chests have the best odds that I’ve noticed… maybe 1/50 chance or better. If you purchase the hero named chests in the store, I’ve noticed they never have uniques (might be just me). The titan cursed chests from daily rewards must have a 1/200 chance, I’ve got maybe one from them total.

I love played for over a year and have been relatively lucky with the uniques I’ve gotten, the frustrating part is trying to get new uniques unlocked through cursing. I’ve yet to find the coveted mirror shield… the odds are definitely crazy to open a unique, but I suppose that’s the point :man_shrugging:


It used to be a 1% chance in a normal chest and a 3% chance in a Titan sea chest, and each successive Titan chest opened would increase your odds by .1%. But the odds were decreased in November and they didn’t say by how much and whether it’s still progressive odds.


Those odds seem accurate, but I would like to see the new odds published.


Ask the devs in the proper topic.


I already have 10 unique items, but I don’t want to drop in from the titans and from wars, rather than for challenges and even for money, I was 100% sure that out of 10 titans some unique item would fall out, I felt disappointed :slight_smile: Polish menu missing and lost 3 unique items, wild boar mask for Heracles, armor for Ajax and something else and now I can’t get it back

How did you lose it?

I played the game for 3 months and did not know what was going on, I thought that I was improving the unique item and it turned out that I sold it anyway 2x, the third time I had such a situation that I exchanged the unique item for another, at that time I had a problem for 3 weeks with the internet, I had to wait for a specialist, when I got back to the game, there was nothing, it’s all that there is no PL menu in the game.

When it comes to unique, there are two categories of Titan chests:

  • Cat A: Titan Sea chests from Odyssey and Hero’s Titan chests that cost 750 gems.
  • Cat B: other Titan chests.

Cat A chests have the odd of 2% to find a unique, and add a cumulative bonus chance of 0.4% for subsequent chests. Cat B is half of that, i.e. 1% to find a unique, and add a cumulative bonus chance of 0.2% for subsequent chests.

For example: you open 5 Titan Sea chests and don’t fin a unique, you cumulate 0.4% x 5 = 2% of bonus. Next time you open an Ajax point chest, you’ll have 1% + 2% = 3% of finding a unique. So the astuce is always try to open the cat A chests before the cat B chests to maximize your chance of finding a unique.

The bonus will reset once you find a unique. So if you cursed a unique and have completed the “task”. Don’t open it because you’ll reset the bonus. Only open the cursed chest when you find a unique in the natural way. If you really optimize your chance then you should find a unique at least once every month.


Thank you for the information, I opened it so much that I lost my hope for unique items, I bought something recently and always open it right away

hero titan chest from hero bundle (1 titan +5 divine) are in cat A ?

Yes, it should be.