Uni's - upgrade, switch, ect...

Hi all,

You know that unikates can drop more than 1 times and the most of all players get uni’s double, and more…

Unikate’s drop:

  • First we were unlucky when unis drop double

  • than we can with 5 star titan items reroll and with luck we get another one

  • now we need 5 star titan items for:

  1. reroll unis 

  2. upgrade unis to max

  3. for refining 

So now we need 5 star titan items more than we can regenerate it…


My question:

Is it now possible to fix it that unis can drop more than 1 times the same?

Actually we have 24 different unis and to get all is nearly impossible.

And those who have all can get it double and so on…

Greets :wink:


Hey wastebug this is indeed a problem and many players have raised this question in past too including myself.(You can also read my first comment in this thread where O talked about cursing duplicate uniques)


“In a long stream of uniformly distributed random numbers, you should expect to see duplicate values. If you do not see duplicate values, that indicates that the stream is not very random.”

Some reading and quoted from:


@Tomaxo so according to you it is not possible to solve duplicate unique item problem? 

@HOLYDIVINE I think @Chris is smarter in math than @CaptainMorgan ?. He would be the right person to ask.

I think there’s 24 uniques in total (Artemis only has one? +all have the apple). So basically if you have 6 uniques then you’ll have 25% chance of getting a duplicate, 12 uniques 50% chance.

It could easily be controlled so you don’t get a duplicate, it’s been asked for many times. But the thing is designed this way.

Incidentally remember the chance of getting a duplicate (when you have just one unique) is actually higher than finding it in a titan chest in the first place!

I remember reading somewhere that a ‘truly random number’ algorithm is an extremely complex piece of programming (for use on computerised lotteries for example). A standard algorithm for a game such as this is not going to be as sophisticated I’m guessing (maybe not a noticeable diff in the real world)

An interesting point and a more relevant one here is the things I’ve heard players say such as ‘high lvl heroes don’t get uniques as much’ or ‘war heroes don’t get uniques as often’ or a hero rarely used gets a greater chance of getting a unique’  IF any of these assumptions hold true then the % duplicate chance will increase massively, because as players we are creatures of habit, always doing the same things! 

I think the most elegant solution is to allow unique items to be very special, powerful forge fodder, to the point where you would be very happy to get a duplicate item because that item could be forged into something else to make it very desirable.

Like for example, and I’m not saying this is exactly what they should do, but say you have a 5* bronze titan weapon. You could refine that with a duplicate unique to add a much less-normalized perk. The current normalization from bronze to silver is 50% (which is too low and I hope they change it). Using a unique could transfer 75%, perhaps, in this situation. 

Just an idea.

I suppose in  a way, with the new forge system, you can personalise your duplicate unique (making them unique again in a sense!) - sure some/ maybe all you wouldn’t want to!  

You wouldn’t want to now. It would ruin them.

I mean consider Oddyseus’ bow, if you can boost the base stat (morale) by maybe 10-15% (with his underyling +25% morale boost) you could sacrifice a bit of potency… I would like to see that.  There’s a few others that might get some better results (mine’s still cookin’ - the costs have gone up hugely for gold+ wisdom, will be a week+ before I have the resources and time to finish) . 

Look at dev Chris’ example - his claws got a damage (base stat) boost of over 17% from a gold forge - sure they’re the devs but it’s the same system we have :grinning:  

It’s foolishly expensive for what you get. 

can’t argue with you there, and maybe you haven’t even  seen the costs yet to forge between lvls during gold forge :slightly_frowning_face:  I’m using fool’s gold!