Unit Max Forge Level?

I have searched the forum, but I couldn’t find the answer.

Is there a point where you hit the “end” in forging a unit?  For example, my Knight is now at +94 forgings.  I understand there is a decreasing rate-of-return with each, subsequent forging.  

Is a perpetual decreasing rate-of-return, approaching zero, but never getting there?  Or, does one hit a point, e.g. +110 forgings, where they are absolutely maxed-out?

Thanks in advance for any insight and/or advice you can offer. 

the Search function don’t work well. Its impossible to search something on the forum same if you write the exact title name. There is so many topic about this in the past.

is close illimited but if you want a close number its +45 by perk. So close at +135-+140 you have close reach the max at +0.01% or +0.00%

So your knight Speed Bonus can reach If I remember 40.10% for 3.12 of speed. Damage Bonus can reach 210 and HP close 960. So still to you like 30-40 forge